January 31, 2023

The last century was a unique one filled with many fascinating inventions, revelations and discoveries. We human beings, achieved a massive amount in the technology and gadgetry fields, making all of our previous achievements look tiny in comparison. Many of those wonderful inventions were in the personal healthcare and hygiene fields and the electric toothbrush is one of the most important, making oral hygiene so much easier it almost seems like a miracle.

Up until the early 20th century if anybody had predicted that a toothbrush would become automatic they would have been called a fool. A few hundred years before that they might have been burned at the stake for heresy.It makes you wonder what this century will bring doesn’t it?

Let’s take a look at just how an electric toothbrush functions, remembering that smart work beats hard work any day of the week. The device operates in a quick, efficient and smart way to clean the plaque off your teeth. A massive change from manually using your toothbrush where you need to work harder to get results that are nowhere near as good as those that you get from a power toothbrush.

The elderly and those with health problems like arthritis can surely benefit from being able to use an electric toothbrush because they reduce the amount of strain on the hands and fingers that they would get with a manual toothbrush.

Anybody who has ever had their teeth cleaned at a dentist’s office will know how clean their teeth and mouth feels when the hygienist has finished. The clean feeling that you get from a power brush feels exactly the same. Because the bristles have a deeper reach, a good brushing with one provides a deeper cleansing than a manual brush ever can.

It’s no secret that dentists say that you get stained teeth because of drinking tea and coffee and smoking tobacco. An electronic brush when correctly and regularly used can help you to remove those stains. The added bonus to you getting white, stainless teeth is that you can also save a fortune with less painful visits to the dentist’s office.

One of the worst things about getting close to someone is bad breath. It isn’t a well known fact, but it is the build up of plaque that causes bad breath. To ensure that you don’t frighten anybody off with bad breath you should start to use an electric toothbrush regularly.

The bacteria in plaque often reaches difficult to access parts of the jaw and then cleaning your teeth using a normal toothbrush often ends up being impossible. A power operated brush works the bristles so quickly that the bacteria along with the plaque get scraped off the surface of the teeth more efficiently. Dentists worldwide say that it is very harmful to let plaque accumulate on your teeth. They absolutely recommend regular brushing as the only escape from plaque, whether it is with an electric brush or a manual one. The reason why the former is so popular now is because just like every new modern gadget, it gets the work done faster and with less work done. Taking care of your molars and ensuring that they stay clean, white shiny and most importantly healthy and pain free.