January 31, 2023

Americare School of Nursing is one of the famous institutes of nursing in America. It is situated in Florida. It is a private institution and one of the most developed nursing institutes in the world. Americare School of Nursing is a good choice for those students who are seeking good coaching in nursing field. It has its own library from which students can refer books relating to medical topics. The main advantage of Americare School of Nursing is the syllabus used by the institute. The syllabus is updated from time to time. It covers a wide area of topic so that the students will have well knowledge in the field. The institution will provide almost all most modern facilities for students for making them more efficient. They will provide training by creating a real life environment so that the students will be more confident for facing actual situation.

Mainly Americare School of Nursing conduct courses less than 2 years and less than 1 year. The enrollment of students is undergraduate enrollment and it counts to three hundred and thirteen. The application fee for courses is $50. According to the estimation of the 2005 the tuition fee for students within the state amounts to $8,500 and that for students from outside the state amounts to $9500. The institution charges $400 for books and other supplies. The institution provides accommodation and boarding facilities for students. They charge $8,010 for off campus room and board. The Americare School of Nursing has agreement with the department of education in us to receive eligible students certain financial aids like pill grants and other federal aid. The institution provides financial assistance for those students who are financially weak.

According to the assessment of the year 2005 the strength of the university counts to 241. The percentage of students who receive federal grants pointed up to 69% and the average amount received by the student’s amount to $1,686. The percentage of state/ local grants pointed up to 2% and amounts to $1,364. The Institution provides loans to their students. The loan given to student’s amounts is $2,545. Americare School of nursing less than one-year course covers topics in Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions. The Americare School of nursing less than two-year course covers the topics in Surgical Technology and Technologist. The Americare School of Nursing also ensures placement of students. Job assurance is the main important feature of Americare School of Nursing. They have affiliation with many hospitals and their efficient students are recommended to place there.