January 31, 2023

Regardless of what you may have heard, Angular Cheilitis is not particularly dangerous or life threatening. It is, rather, a very nasty looking an painful facial skin condition, which can be caused from a variety of things, but the most common cause for Cheilitis, or cracked mouth corners is a relatively simple, yet prevalent condition.

By far, most cases of repeated and painful bouts of split mouth corners is an accumulation of saliva at the corners of the lips and mouth. What allows saliva to form in the corners of the mouth? This article discusses the three main reasons why saliva accumulates and stands in the mouth corners.

1. The most frequent reason is that Angular Cheilitis develops is from over exposure to harsh weather conditions or too much sun. This is because when kids play outside or people work outside for long periods of time their lips get parched and there is a natural tendency to lick them.

The constant licking along with a slightly compromised immune system allows the fungal bacterial infection to take hole and become entrenched in the mouth corners producing deep, angry looking, crusted over and sometimes bleeding and oozing sores at the angles of the lips and mouth. In severe prolonged cases, the sores extend to encompass the entire lip area. The lips become swollen and red, and are generally repulsive to observe.

Angular Cheilitis caused by lip licking can be prevented by the diligent use of a good lip balm like Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, or some other high quality lip balm. Outdoor workers should keep a balm stick in their pocket for easy and regular use, and moms should stop their kids at the door and apply lip balm. While this is not an effective Angular Cheilitis remedy, it is an excellent preventative.

2. Another common cause for Angular Cheilitis is badly fitting false teeth, no teeth, or missing teeth. When dentures fail to fit properly or when the mouth isn’t supported as it should be for a variety of dental reasons, little folds develop at the corners of the mouth and saliva collects in these folds. This provides the infection the moisture it needs to survive and thrive.

Of course, the preventive in dental related cases is to get to the dentist and have dentures adjusted to fit properly, or have the appropriate dental work completed. This cause for the affliction is typical in older people, and unfortunately a lot of it is seen in nursing homes.

3. Sleep drooling is another common cause for this painful and repugnant condition. If this is the cause of your Angular Cheilitis, make sure that your sheets and pillowcases are washed frequently until you can eliminate the condition with one of the online Angular Cheilitis cures.

There are other less common causes for the loathsome looking skin condition including certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and in some countries including the US, some people develop it as a result of certain forms of malnutrition.

Regardless of what is causing your Angular Cheilitis, the quick way to eliminate it from your face is to prevent the saliva from collecting at the corners of your mouth. There are a number of online cures for Angular Cheilitis that do that very thing. They deprive the fungal bacterial infection of the moisture it needs to survive and continue to wreck havoc on your face and life.

Probably the worst part about having the disease is the social ramifications of the infection. It is impossible to hide whether you are male or female, young or old or rich or poor. When people look at you in the face when you are in the midst of a bout of the illness, they feel compelled to instantly look away. Soon, the unfortunate victim of Angular Cheilitis starts to avoid other people and lives like an outcast.