January 31, 2023

Back pain and headaches are two very common aches that individuals have to deal with on a daily basis. Some may have it worse than others but, regardless, it is still an annoyance and can even hinder day-to-day functioning. When the pain is severe enough it can cause lack of sleep, distraction, and many other negative side effects.

This is why, when dealing with these types of pain, individuals should look into alternative methods to making their back pain or headaches less distracting (alternative meaning methods other than medication). Luckily, for those who are struggling, there are three very effective treatments that provide relief for these types of pain. One of the most common practices is chiropractic assistance. Opinions vary on this type of treatment, most are either for or against it, and strongly for that matter.

Many people who have experienced back pain relief from a chiropractor swear by this treatment and truly believe it is the only way. Others, whom have either had a bad experience, have never had a treatment, or simply read the negative articles on chiropractic treatments, are nearly impossible to convince that it is a valid treatment. Rest assured, there is much research backing this treatment as viable. Chiropractic care takes time, but you, and you back, will be relieved if you choose this path.

Stress is a big factor when it comes to body aches, especially in the back and head. Therefore, stress management is a great way to alleviate some of this pain. You can find these types of classes and techniques online, at the library, or even through your doctor. Many of these techniques include rhythmic breathing during stressful times, stretching in the morning and / or evening, and other simple movements you can perform almost any time of day.

The idea for proper treatment is to find an outlet for your stress, rather than your back, neck, shoulders, and head. This outlet will carry your stress for you so your body does not have to.

Finally, many people struggle from a TMJ disorder. This is a common ailment that can cause severe headaches and can even lead to other aches and pains around the neck and upper back. Treatment for this type of ailment is not as simple as going to a chiropractor or applying stress management techniques but it is not nearly as invasive as other options.

The most common method for alleviating this type of ailment is through a dental splint that a dentist can provide for you. As the word splint may hint at, it is a form of brace that will help to move your teeth and jaw around in order to alleviate the pain that is being cause from bad alignment. At the end of treatment, your jaw should be aligned properly and you will no longer suffer the pain it used to cause.

Whichever treatment you choose to go with, remember, everyone is different. Any of these treatments could take some people a month or two to feel a difference, whereas others may not see a noticeable change for 6 months or so. Each of these treatments has been proven to work, and can work for you depending on where your back pain and headaches are coming from.

Consult a physician, a chiropractor for chiropractic help and a TMJ dentist on your options to find out which is best for you and keep your mind open to options. The main concern here is to alleviate the pain you are dealing with. A pain free life leads to a happier life.