November 26, 2022

Did you hesitate to smile because you were uneasy about your discolored teeth? It’s very easy to be less confident about yourself when you’re in a group of those with gorgeous smiles. It is possible to be enticed to not smile at people but this can cause you to appear less friendly and less approachable.

In the end, your smile is a reflection of your character. It’s not unusual to hear people assess the friendliness of a person and different aspects of their character from their smile.

Don’t let your lackluster smile hold you back! First impressions count. Dental whitening is a popular option that will dramatically enhance your smile. The process of whitening uses dental bleach to remove the stains on your teeth and improve your smile.

Here you will find more details about the causes that stain your teeth, as well as a range of treatments that will make your smile camera-ready.

The Most Common Causes for Teeth Discolorations

Certain food items and other elements can stain your teeth, making them appear dull with time.

  • Smoking cigarettes – The tar and nicotine contained in cigarettes and tobacco products can alter the hue of your teeth
  • Age-related – Patients who are older may be able to notice that their teeth don’t appear as shiny because their enamel becoming thinner
  • Hygiene – Another reason for discolored or stained teeth is poor dental hygiene.
  • Dental discoloration can be an adverse effect of various medicines
  • Drinks such as coffee, soda tea, red wine, and tea are also able to stain the exterior of your teeth.

We offer the following Tooth Whitening Services

The dental office offers the following teeth whitening options that can meet your specific requirements.

Professional Whitening of Teeth in the Office

If you are looking for results quickly take a look at the in-office treatment for teeth whitening. Dr. Weston will quickly and effectively brighten your smile with Zoom! Professional-grade whitening product in our dental office. Only dental professionals and certified personnel are able to use this advanced technology. We could also offer you the tray is yours to take with you home to make use of for touch-ups if needed.

Disposable Whitening Teeth Trays for Teeth

Another option is to use the disposable tray for teeth whitening. This is an excellent option for anyone looking to cut costs but has amazing results.

Take the home whitening tray for your teeth.

We also can supply our patients with take-home tooth whitening trays if you want to make it yourself at your own choice. We can provide customized trays to fit your particular teeth. Simply place the gel in the tray, and then wear it for a couple of hours. After a few weeks, you’ll be sporting a new smile!

The Reasons to Think About Dental Whitening Therapy

Teeth whitening is one the most sought-after Best Cosmetic Dentistry in La Jolla dental treatments are offered in the dental office. Teeth whitening is an excellent option to boost your confidence. It is a safe and efficient treatment that will dramatically enhance your smile by removing the discoloration and stains that appear on your tooth’s surfaces.

The Best Cosmetic Dentistry in La Jolla our practice has helped many patients improve their smiles. If you’re looking for teeth whitening or a total cosmetic makeover of your smile, we are able to assist. Dr. Weston has over twenty years of experience and can quickly brighten your smile without harming the gums or teeth.