January 31, 2023

The percentage of dental diseases is increasing all over the globe alarmingly. Today, a larger percentage of the population is affected by dental diseases, thanks to the fast paced life, lifestyle changes and high stress jobs. Moreover, the costs associated with dental treatment are also exorbitant making it really difficult for the common man to go ahead for such expensive and sophisticated dental care and treatment.

Dental treatments can be classified into two broad categories: Occasional dental treatment and routine dental treatment. Dental treatments like extraction of tooth, root canal treatment, extraction, braces fall under occasional dental treatment. Cleaning of plaque, x-rays can be grouped under routine dental treatment. The proverb “Prevention is always better than cure” fits perfectly here.

People of the yesteryears were not very particular and conscious about oral hygiene as compared to the present day generation. People give importance to dental care and oral hygiene because they are becoming aware of the hazards it would cause, if left undetected and untreated. With the popularity of television and media, we also know about the latest developments in the field of medicine, especially cosmetic dentistry through the globe.

Everyone wishes to have a good and beautiful smile and thus cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly popular. Dental insurance plan becomes a must if you do not want to keep incurring heavy expenses for dental care. People with bigger families should definitely opt for dental insurance plan as it is an effective way to reduce the heavy cost of dental treatments.

What exactly is Dental Insurance?

It is a plan wherein costs incurred for dental care or treatments are covered by the insurance companies on payment of an annual premium. It falls under Health insurance category. The individual would have to keep paying either monthly or annual health insurance premiums to the company. It then becomes mandatory for the health insurance company to bear the costs of treatments, medicines and surgeries if any of the individual for the specified period. Depending on your choice, you could renew the insurance policy and the premium keeps increasing every year. For older individuals, the cost of premium to be paid is higher as compared to younger individuals. The premium amount also varies depending on the insurance plan and the individual’s health.

This plan involves checking of health records, x-ray reports, screening, records of age and a lot of paper work. The insurance company ensures that adverse selection is avoided because it would mean extra burden to the insurance company. People with dental problems would mean extra insurance cost. Moreover, there is an annual limit set by the insurance company and any extra expenditure would have to be borne by the individual.