November 30, 2022
wisdom teeth removal

We all know that wisdom teeth are a dental problem that many people will encounter, and wisdom tooth extraction can be very annoying. However, some people will find out why I have wisdom teeth and my friends don’t have them.

Wisdom teeth do everyone grow up? What are the causes of wisdom teeth?

Let’s first understand what wisdom teeth are. In dentistry, wisdom teeth are also called end teeth. Although there are many friends who have wisdom teeth, not everyone will have wisdom teeth.

Moreover, because the food of ancient people is relatively rough, it is necessary to tear the teeth and fully chew the food to be able to chew the food, which is conducive to digestion and absorption, so the bones of ancient people are relatively large and have more teeth, usually 32 teeth.

However, as the diet is more refined and the development of the jaws is relatively small, some wisdom teeth may have degenerated, or they may not erupt fully, and are impacted in the jawbone. Therefore, not everyone will grow wisdom teeth, and generally speaking In other words, the number of wisdom teeth that each person grows is not fixed, one to four or none are normal.

Why do wisdom teeth hurt?

The most difficult thing about growing wisdom teeth is the endless toothache, the feeling of jumping up and down from the pain, even if I think about it in the future, it is a little scary. In fact, you can probably know why wisdom teeth hurt based on their location, but if you want to elaborate, it depends on the type of score.

Foremost, let’s talk about the mildest wisdom tooth pain, which is probably like the feeling of being pressed against the gums. This kind of wisdom tooth generally grows in a good position and will not cause much impact on normal life, and it is relatively simple to extract.

The second type is a wisdom tooth that grows horizontally. Originally, it has a relatively small space for growth. In addition, the direction is wrong, so when it erupts, it will squeeze the adjacent teeth to a certain extent, causing tooth pain. If you happen to have such a wisdom tooth, it is better to extract it as soon as possible, otherwise the tooth will hurt more and more difficult to extract.

The last case is the wisdom teeth that cannot erupt. Because it is wrapped by the gums, it is impossible to see that the wisdom teeth are “ghosts”, and I thought it was caused by getting angry. If it is not specially filmed for examination, it is basically difficult to know that the wisdom teeth are wrapped under the gums.

Additional, wisdom teeth removal maybe together with your others teeth restoration issue likewise fixed partial denture needed. Dentist, and laboratory expert should discuss the treatment details according to your personalized data. Therefore, dental laboratory procedures are also should be considered, dentist should have few options dental supply store online reference, and multi-ply choice of lab equipment available to produce the denture.
Dental lab technician using tools and materials works on denture