January 31, 2023

Here Are 10 Quick Fix-ups that Will Instantly Enhance Your Home

Staying put and not selling? How does the facade of your home look? Is it worn, neglected and feeling uninviting? Afraid of what its gonna take to make your place look great and exciting to come home to each day? Never fear, to make your humble abode a welcoming place to come home to again will require a little elbow grease, but with these simple, tried and true designer tips, your not gonna have to spend the big bucks to really polish it up.

Lets start by assessing the condition of the outside of the house from the street. This is what is referred to as “curb appeal”. Take a walk down the block and come back to your house as to get the feel of what your neighbors actually see when they drive by your house. Then take a number of photo’s from each side of it to get a more objective look at the actual state of the house. This will allow you to further examine all the turnoffs such as overgrown bushes, burnt out and dated lighting, or even possibly a rusty mailbox.

Now that we have identified probably a number of indiscretions that can be easily fixed, lets get going. Start with the house itself, it probably hasn’t been seriously cleaned in quite awhile. We need to start with a clean slate by power washing off all the dirt, dusting away any cobwebs, and cleaning the windows and gutters..This initial step will make a big difference.

10 Quick Home Make Over Fix-ups:

1. Paint The Front Door- Give your house a quick face lift with a newly accented painted door. It’s expensive to paint the entire house but it takes very little paint to paint just the door. Its the face of your home so make it welcoming by painting or staining the entry door a color that compliments the color on the trim or a really bold color such as a deep forest green, rich red or even black.

2. Hang A Door Knocker- Jazz up the door by putting your own personal stamp on your newly painted door by installing a door knocker. For a traditional look use use a classic shield-shape design. For a much bolder look use a large round ring or something more whimsical a dragonfly or mystical lion’s head. When selecting these new additions consider a finish that matches the outdoor decor accessories. These accessories would be the door knobs, mailboxes, house #’s and light fixtures.

3. Clean Up The Landscape- Trim any foundation bushes back and down to allow you to see the house. Use a variety of different heights to create more interest. A quick cheap trick is to plant tall tree’s along the side of the house framing it and plant smaller bushes up front that won’t grow any taller than 3-4 feet. If the grass has some dead patches or is looking patchy reseed the bald spots to bring back to life the lawn.

4. Add or Replace House Numbers- A great addition to any house is some decorative house numbers not to mention being a practical one. They enhance your house style and give the mail man the surety that he is indeed getting the mail to the right house. When selecting numbers, think of an oversize scale that compliments the architecture of the house. Choose something sleek and modern for the more contemporary house, script for something more colonial or casual, and curvy mission style for bungalows. Think of it as jewelry for your home.

5. Update the Lighting- . Another piece of house jewelry is the lighting you mount along side your entry door. Make your home safe and more welcoming by installing some new outside lights. It creates a warm and inviting feeling especially at night. To give your house even more appeal add some yard lights. Up-lighting under taller trees creates a wondrous and dramatic effect. Guide your guest up to your newly painted door with lights that line the walkway.

6. Replace The Doorknob- Replacing the knob hardware instantly perks up any door. It can be easily changed out if your new knob is the same size. Make sure once installed its secure and doesn’t wobble loosely. When selecting finishes select warm finishes for houses with warm tones-woods reds, brown- call for warm metals like copper and brass. Cooler metals for white or pales shades. Again, coordinate the all the hardware with the lights, door bell, mail box, hinges, and kick plate.

7. Window Boxes- Really set your home apart with some window boxes. They are charming and are a terrific way to add splashes of color.

8. New Mailboxes- There are two different types of boxes, curb side post boxes and wall mounted styles. Ensure they match all the other door accessories and hardware.

9. Invite Your Guest With A New Welcome Mat- With a host of door mat designs to choose from, this will be the first thing your guest see. It is the easiest way to update the front porch. Have fun with your selection and if so inclined, change out your mat

design seasonally.

10. Potted plants- Outdoor containers filled with easy-care plants are an simple way to enhance the curb appeal also. Place them along the walk, near the door and out of the circulation area or in any other prominent space you want to bring attention to.

Don’t delay, get started write away and you’ll be delighted with all these new quick fix-ups. Once your done, Know your going to be the envy of all your neighbors and this should certainly leave a smile on your face. The best thing of all is, you won’t even have to break the bank to do it.