January 31, 2023

Before you begin to think about your ex boyfriend we will concentrate on someone far more important. YOU. It is time to make you realise your true worth, to build your confidence, to make you a person desired by others and to build you a great life away from your relationship with your ex boyfriend. As soon as you accept that you can let your ex boyfriend go you have taken the first step to winning him back.

You are probably at quite a low ebb and perhaps feel you cannot get up from here, you could not be more wrong. Make your self the most important person in your life and others will follow.

Consider this for a moment; men want what they cannot have and value what they have to work for, what is scarce, and what everyone else wants. Making yourself popular with others and desired by others will get your ex boyfriend fighting to get back with you.

So rule number 1 is to make yourself scarce. Cut off all contact with him, no texts no emails, nothing. If there are important issues to resolve get a close friend to make contact for you, ask you friend to make no comments other than those necessary to complete the business.

Next get a makeover, nothing drastic or expensive perhaps a change of hairstyle a few new clothes and get out and about. If it has been sometime since you have done this and you feel slightly intimidated put on a pair of heels take a deep breath and just go for it.

This is your new life you are planning make the most of it.

Spending time with friends and making new acquaintances, doing things you really enjoy will re energise you, walk tall and smile your desirability factor will instantly rise. You need to show your ex boyfriend that you can enjoy life without him, that you are an independent, confident and happy person (even though deep down you are still hurting).

The psychological effect this will have on your ex boyfriend will be stunning, you are suddenly pushing all the right buttons that men don’t really know are there, but you do and it is having the desired effect.

When he does make contact do not jump straight back, be friendly and pleasant but slightly detached. If he asks you out make excuses that you are busy for the next few days but will call him. You are now driving him crazy and again increasing your desirability.

When you are ready, send him a brief message just asking how he is and let him contact you to suggest a date. Make your first date a chance to “get to know each other” again. Be observant and listen carefully to what he has to say. It is decision time for you as he want to get back together but is this what you really want.

You have put yourself in a very powerful position you can now decide your own destiny. Do you want to continue with your great new life or is your passion for your ex boyfriend as strong as ever.

If you get back together set out your own terms as you do not want the relationship to fail for a second time.

I would like to offer a final word of advice, during your break up never make adverse comments to others, even best friends, about your ex boyfriend, do not criticise him in any way, this is a mistake that may come back and bite you one day.

I wish you every success with what ever path you choose.

Thank you for taking time to read this article I sincerely hope it has given you the help you were seeking. I would like to recommend you also take a look at the advice given by a genuine expert in this field Matt Houston, I have included a short pen picture of the gentleman below.