November 30, 2022

Heavy metal detox with chlorella is an idea that you may wish to pursue. It is likely that you have had dental fillings during one of your regular visits to the doctor before, especially if you are older. Natural health experts say that one of the main causes of heavy metal toxins in the body is from amalgam dental fillings or other medical devices that may be implanted in you. Traces of heavy metals can then enter your bloodstream and create numerous health issues.

What are harmful in the dental fillings include the mercury, cadmium, and lead that it contains. These metals bind with proteins, making them difficult to function. Many of these proteins are cell receptors, enzymes, or hormones; each having a purpose that is going unfulfilled.

Heavy metals are linked with a host of neural disorders and underdevelopment in brain matter. These diseases associated with metal toxicity include autism, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Crone’s Disease, irritable bowel syndrome and others. As such, detoxifying the body of these pollutants is very important. Research studies have also shown that the lead in these dental fillings is a contributor to cancer.

Chlorella is a type of green algae. It has a fibrous outer shell that actually binds with the heavy metals in the bloodstream and assists in pulling them out of tissues. Chlorella has unique detoxification ability in that its cellular structure has three layers with an extremely think middle layer which enables it to carry toxins out of the body directly. It actively absorbs toxins, making it indispensable in today’s overly chemicalized world.

Chlorella has been on this earth for billions of years already. It is one of earth’s first plants and has the highest concentration of chlorophyll. This makes it one of the healthiest food. It has even earned the title of being the “perfect food”. NASA has also decided that it will be one of the first foods grown on the space station!

Other than for heavy metal detox, there is evidence to show that chlorella stimulates the production of interferon, one of our body’s greatest defenses against cancer. It promotes T-cell activity, thereby enhancing the immune system to more effectively fight off bacteria and viruses. Additional benefits are increased vitality and energy sure to the nature of its pure nutrients.

The process of detoxifying these metals will take somewhere between three to six months. However, do persist if you really would like to purge heavy metal traces from your body. Check with your doctor and ask your local health store if you intend to get some chlorella for heavy metal detox.