January 31, 2023

Dentist and beauty consultants agree that white teeth play an important role in facial beautification. Whiter teeth improves confidence, makes you look younger and more attractive!

Over time teeth becomes stained from the normal consumption of dark colour substance including smoking, coffee, wine and other different foods and drinks among these coffee is one of the main causes of stains on the tooth enamel. The hot dark colour substance bonds quickly on the teeth, overtime affecting the appearance of your smile. Caffeine, found in your daily cup of coffee, has been found to interfere with the natural way the mouth produces saliva. This can lead to a condition known as “dry mouth” which promotes tooth decay. Additionally, as there is less saliva in the mouth, stains are more likely to develop.

There are remedies to fight the negative effects of coffee consumption including drinking a glass of water with each cup of coffee. The water replenishes the liquid that is drawn out of the body by the caffeine. Brushing teeth or chewing sugar free gum is also a good way to increase saliva production.

However there isn’t a way to stop this natural process in life. General aging do cause teeth to stain and become dull. Stained, discoloured and dull appearance of your smile can cause you to look older then you actually are

Although often over looked as a remedy for “anti-aging” or a “way to make you look your best”, a dental makeover can reap huge benefit to your looks yet in a non-dramatic and subtle way.

Generally the simplest dental makeover is by teeth whitening or bleaching. Whitening teeth is an accessible option to improve your looks, this could make you look younger, more confident and even make you appear to be more friendly to others as you are more willing to smile. These can be performed by a dentist in-clinic or using a teeth whitening product in the comfort of your own home. An in-home teeth whitening (bleaching) system is the most cost effective method and users can achieve impressive results. As always, choose a reputable brand and follow the manufactures instructions. Among teeth whitening products White Glo holds a reputable brand name.

White Glo Coffee & Tea Drinkers Formula Whitening Toothpaste has also been developed to rid coffee and tea stains from the tooth enamel. Further, this product has a Micro-Wax Protective Shield in the toothpaste to help protect teeth against new stains from forming. There are also other ways to enhance your smiles and make you look younger.

To improve your smile after whitening your teeth, the physical appearance of the teeth can also be improved by the means of bondings, crowns, caps and veneers. These cosmetic dentistry procedures are much more involved procedures and it’s recommended to consult your dentist to discuss the best option.

However when it comes to your teeth and a beautiful smile, always visit your dentist for regular check-ups and ensure that you drink plenty of water with your daily cups of coffee…