February 1, 2023

In light of the economic situation, consumers seem to be looking for ways to reduce spending in every area of life. Unfortunately, dental care often gets cut, despite how essential it is to overall health.

Learning to budget for dentist visits instead of cutting them entirely can save you money in the long run and protect your health at the same time.

Explore all of your payment options

You don’t have to pay in full upfront or have good insurance to afford dental care. As the economic scene changes, dentists are updating their payment options to match. Be sure to find out all of the choices available to you by talking to your dentist or calling around to other offices.

Here are some of the common payment options to look for:

  • CareCredit: Similar to a credit card, CareCredit allows you to charge the cost of your visit and pay it off in smaller payments over time. It can be used for essential procedures, such as root canals, and cosmetic procedures, such as whitening. As long as your dentist is enrolled in the program, all you have to do is fill out an application.
  • Comprehensive Dental Finance: This option gives the dentist more control over the terms of the payment plan as well as the rate. It allows an outside party to handle the payments so that the dentist can focus on the actual treatments instead of finances.

Create a dental care savings account

The most important factor to keep in mind is that paying for routine cleanings now can save money down the road by preventing the need for expensive treatments. As a result, it pays to set aside an account for dental care. Use rates provided by your dentist to determine your annual cost for care. Then take steps to set aside enough each month to meet this amount.

Research schools and free clinics

Are there any dentistry schools near you? Sometimes they accept patients for free or discounted services. Try giving one a call to see what they offer.

Some dentists also volunteer at free clinics that are open to the public.

A little research can connect you with one of these opportunities if you are having a hard time fitting dental care into your budget.

Keep up with routine home care

Of course, the best way to limit your dental costs is to keep up with your daily brushing and flossing regimen. Limit your sugar intake, drink plenty of water to rinse your mouth, and eat crunchy fruits and veggies like carrots or apples to work as natural scrubbers for your teeth.