November 30, 2022

Most young people who need to have orthodontic correction and some adults are fitted with braces, which are appliances that are used to move the teeth into the right position. Braces usually stay on for about 2 years, but some can be removed after 12 months if the orthodontic correction is a slight one. Orthodontists also have apparatus that can re-align the jaw, as part of their work is not only for the correction of irregularly placed teeth.

Once the corrections have been made and are complete, then the teeth, jaw and face will be aligned and in balance, and although most patients won’t necessarily feel or understand the physical changes, they will be happy with the aesthetic value of having a balanced set of teeth.

In years gone by, young adults and adults cringed at the idea of having metal braces fitted; they are uncomfortable and most definitely not aesthetically pleasing. People have been so put off that they have not had any orthodontic work done at all and have just left their teeth as they were.

Teenagers who are already struggling with other changes in their lives, hardly embraced the awkward addition of metal braces to their already super self conscious persona, and as adults, recall the time they had braces as a young adult as traumatic, and absolutely awful.

However, there have been a many great developments in the field of orthodontic and dental work in recent decades, and now metal braces are not the only option for teeth realignment offered by dentists in Surrey. As the advancement from metal braces went to clear bracket braces, which performed the same as conventional braces, however were made from clear ceramic and coloured to match the tooth exactly, there was an overwhelming surge of joy among patients. You can hardly make out the lines of the clear braces, and one would have to be close to the person wearing them to see them at all.

But, again there has been a further huge development in the clear braces option, and depending on how much orthodontic work is required, or what your requirements are, this might be the option for you.

Invisible braces can be fitted by your dentist in Surrey, using the latest alternative to metal braces. You can be fitted with a comfortable, clear, metal free, bracket free and wire free invisible braces or removable aligners. Made out of clear, comfortable materials, the wearer will not have any or very little adjustment time to the aligners and nobody will ever know, or see, that you are wearing invisible braces.

Your dentist or orthodontist will be able to give you all the latest information and options on what will be the best choice that will suit you, your teeth and your pocket. You can be guaranteed, that you will no longer have to go with the uncomfortable metal braces option ever again.