January 31, 2023

There are many methods and results associated with teeth whitening. Whitening systems that today’s dentists rely on will often use two major tools. These are a bleaching agent, which whitens teeth, and a laser system, which can penetrate tooth enamel and increase the effectiveness of the bleach. Great results can be visible after one treatment. This article explains the process, and at the end provides contact details for professional laser teeth whitening in Sydney Australia.

A popular choice for home bleaching, whitening products today can be bought over the counter. It takes weeks, even months, for these over the counter whitening systems to work, and even if they do, their end results might not be as good as what you are aiming for. A good whitening system should address deep staining, but most home products are unable to do this. Laser tooth whitening can address this problem better. You can have teeth that are ten shades whiter with just one visit to your dentist. The process will take about an hour and can be done in one session.

When you arrive for your treatment, your dentist will probably begin with a thorough cleaning to remove plaque deposits, especially along the gum line. Your teeth will then be coated with a hydrogen peroxide gel. Laser light is then directed onto the gel-coated teeth, which makes the gel work more efficiently and effectively in penetrating the tooth surface. It takes only about an hour for this whitening procedure to be completed. Most patients sometimes do not need to go back for more sessions.

Completion of work in a single session is often possible for dentist teeth whitening, but for some cases of severe staining, this one session will definitely not be enough. After you have finished your whitening session, your laser dentistry professional could also provide you with a touch up kit that you can purchase. The kit will be used for touch up areas that may get stained again once you get home. A lifetime treatment option will allow you to get touch ups whenever you think it is necessary and some dental offices may offer you this option. This ensures that you can have the whitest smile, with little cost and time involved on your part.

Teeth whitening in Sydney has changed quite a lot since the treatment was first introduced. Taking very little time to complete, today’s whitening procedures also give great results that have satisfied many patients. Many offices even offer financing options to make the procedures more affordable. To get that whiter smile and better teeth, you need to contact a specialist in the area of whitening for more information.