January 31, 2023

No sector of life in the 21st century life has gone untouched by the advance of technology. And those advances have brought with them both positive and negative effects on the individual lives which have come to depend on them.

One of the most significant breakthroughs has been in the field of laser technology, and new laser applications have been found for industrial businesses, as well as optical and cosmetic surgeries

One area of cosmetic surgery which is benefiting from the advances in laser technology is dentistry. Laser technology has proven highly effective as a treatment for the tooth discoloration which affects people of all ages. Most people are highly self-conscious about their smiles, and can be uncomfortable in social situations when they have discolored teeth. For these who do, laser teeth whitening can be the answer to a prayer.

Laser teeth whitening can treat tooth discoloration both quickly and without discomfort, and, depending on the tooth sensitivity of the patient involved, can be completed in no more than a few sessions with the dentist. It often requires only a single visit.

Laser teeth whitening, however, is more expensive than traditional tooth whiteners, some of which can be applied at home. But for someone who wants whiter teeth as quickly as possible, the extra expense of laser teeth whitening may not matter. If cost is a consideration, other tooth whiteners have been proven to work, although they will take quite a bit longer to do what laser teeth whitening can accomplish immediately.

How Laser Teeth Whitening Works

Laser teeth whitening is similar to other tooth whitening techniques in that it uses a tooth bleaching or whitening gel. The dentist will apply the gel to the surface of the teeth and, by aiming the pulse of laser light directly at it, activate its whitening ingredients.

The result is that the patient will experience immediately whiter teeth, but the whiter teeth may be accompanied by side effects. Laser teeth whitening treatments can irritate both the teeth and the gums of individuals who are sensitive, but the irritation is a result of the whitening and should stop when the treatments are over and the teeth and gums have time to heal.

For those who have neither sensitive teeth [ nor gums which will react negatively to the ingredients in the tooth whitening gel or the laser pulses, and are willing to take on the cost, laser teeth whitening will provide an instantly transformed smile!