November 30, 2022

What are the advantages of metal self-locking bracket correction?

Everyone has a love for beauty. Nowadays, people have higher and higher requirements for their own image, and at the same time, people will pay more attention to some “not perfect” parts of themselves.

For example, with dental defects, many people feel that no matter how they take pictures, it will not look good. It turns out that the teeth are not near enough, and the smile seems too “abrupt”, so the idea of ​​orthodontic treatment is ignited…

However, on the road to orthodontic treatment, we are also “hitting walls everywhere”, and the choice of appliance has been repeatedly entangled. The common ones are traditional metal brackets and metal self-locking brackets. Many people will ask: the same is metal, self-locking brackets are used for correction, What are the advantages?

self-locking braces
Metal self-ligating braces

So let’s see, what’s so special about metal self-locking brackets? After reading it, you may know how to choose!

Self-locking orthodontic bracket refers to a device made of a metal or ceramic material that is fixed on the tooth surface with a special adhesive in orthodontic treatment, used to accommodate and fix orthodontic wires and transmit orthodontic force to the teeth, to achieve the purpose of orthodontic treatment.

Traditional orthodontic brackets need to be fixed together with thin wires or rubber bands and corrective wires, which is a conventional practice, and it is precisely these ligatures or elastic rubber bands that will delay the course of correction. Because orthodontic treatment needs to overcome the frictional resistance between the wire and the bracket, the greater the frictional force, the greater the required orthodontic force, the slower the moving speed, and the longer the time required for the orthodontic treatment.

Close-up of the self-locking bracket compared with the traditional orthodontic technology, the self-locking bracket has one more locking device than the traditional bracket. In layman’s terms, it is like adding a door to the bracket, which can directly lock the orthodontic wire in the bracket. In the groove of the orthodontic wire, the binding of the ligation wire or rubber band to the orthodontic wire is eliminated, the frictional resistance between the wire and the bracket is greatly reduced, the force on the teeth will also be reduced, and the tooth movement speed will be accelerated, and the entire treatment time will be reduced. So that the orthodontic treatment will effectively shorten.

Advantage of self-ligating braces in orthodontics

metal self-ligating braces kit
slef-ligating metal braces kit
  1. It can protect the soft tissue. Ordinary bracket correction will have steel wires and arch wires fixed and hooked to each other, which is very easy to cause soft tissue damage during the entire correction process. The self-locking brackets can effectively avoid damage to the oral mucosa, and are more comfortable and safe to wear.
  2. Its friction force is low, and the teeth can be moved with a small force, which is more comfortable for the patient to wear, and the discomfort and pain can also be reduced accordingly.
  3. The correction time is shorter, and some patients can shorten the course of treatment by more than 6 months; in addition, the follow-up time can be extended to once every 8-10 weeks, reducing the frequency of returning to the hospital.

In addition, similar to the self-ligating metal braces, there are also lingual invisible braces. Because they are installed on the inside of the teeth, they are completely “invisible” in appearance, so they are also favored by some beauty lovers.