December 8, 2022

Sometimes called oral thrush, oral yeast infection in men (and women) can be triggered for a number of reasons, although there is usually only one root cause. And of all the yeast infections, oral yeast infection could be the most embarrassing because it can be so obvious when speaking to somebody. You’ll discover here what the causes and symptoms are, plus, how to eliminate it for good.

The Cause of Oral Yeast Infection in Men

The real cause is a yeast-like fungus we call Candida albicans. This resides naturally in our bodies and particularly enjoys the warmer, more moist areas, such as the mouth, vagina, anus, gut, etc.

Normally there are no dramas because your body’s beneficial bacteria keeps their levels under control. Sometimes though, for several reasons, the numbers of your good bacteria can be reduced sufficiently for the Candida to overgrow, thus causing a yeast infection.

The underlying conditions that can cause this are things such as diabetes, antibiotics and steroid overuse, poor diet, drug use, lowered immune system, stress, sex, etc.

In terms of oral yeast infection; the use of inhalers for asthma for example, the wearing of badly fitting dentures, smoking, oral sex, bad diet can all increase the risk of triggering an infection.

The Symptoms of Oral Yeast Infection in Men

The most common symptoms of oral thrush are; creamy white raised spots on the tongue and mucous membranes, sometimes a thick white coating which when scraped can reveal fissures in the tongue, pain or difficulty swallowing, bad breath, etc.

Mainstream Treatments For Oral Yeast Infection and their Downsides

Your mainstream treatment for oral thrush is usually by ‘swish and swallow’ liquid suspensions or pastilles to retain in the mouth. These are drug-based and can work in getting rid of the symptoms of thrush.

But the negatives for many thrush sufferers is that they address the physical symptoms rather than the root cause and underlying conditions. The candida fungus can also become resistant to the drugs so that they become ineffective. The result all too often is recurring yeast infections which get harder and harder to eliminate.

So What’s the Alternative?

More and more oral thrush sufferers are turning to much cheaper natural home remedies without the negative side effects of more expensive drugs.

There are many available, some better than others. You need to research the various natural remedies which include things like dietary changes, herbal remedies, natural supplements, perhaps some lifestyle changes, and much much more.

The key is to eliminate your oral thrush symptoms fast, plus, prevent it from ever returning.

This is a lot of work on your part, but worth it in the end when you get rid of your oral yeast infection for good, wouldn’t you agree?