November 30, 2022

If you are looking to do something about the colour of your teeth you are probably considering the options of professional teeth whitening or using a home teeth whitening kit. The three main factors tend to be cost, safety and effectiveness.

Comparing costs

The cost of professional teeth whitening will depend on where you go. Dental cosmetic “holidays” are not uncommon now, whereby you go to a foreign country to have cosmetic teeth treatment. It is likely though that you will choose somewhere closeby, that means the cost could be anything from $500 / £300 upwards if you live in the USA or UK.

In contrast you can buy home whitening kits for around the cost of a night out! With good quality kits costing from around $50 / £35 with comparable results to that of professional dentists its a compelling argument to try them.

Comparing Safety

The common belief is that having your teeth whitened at the dentist is much safer when compared to using home whitening kit. A few years ago this was probably true. Now with the improvement in the offering of home kits and a shake up of the industry you can find good quality kits that are safe. In fact some of the kits available now include whitening gel that is FDA approved!

Comparing effectiveness

With the advancement in whitening technology you can find home kits that are comparable to results achieved by professional dentists. In fact in cases the whitening gel is almost exactly the same!

The benefit of going to a professional cosmetic dentist is that they tend (or at least should) use custom mouth trays which means you are sure of getting even whitening effect and little if any on your gums. To get the same results using a home whitening kit you need to ensure that you are using a good fitting mouth tray. Good quality kits use well fitting trays so you can achieve the same results.

Going to a cosmetic dentist you are likely to have on offer a number of other whitening related services, such as laser light bleaching and even internal bleaching. Laser light bleaching is available for use at home, in fact some tooth whitening kits such as Smile 4 You even include a laser light. Internal bleaching is not possible at home as this involves drilling a hole in the tooth and filling with whitening agent. This procedure is very invasive and suitable for a tooth that has discoloured because it has been root filled.

Professional teeth whitening vs home teeth whitening kits

With home kits becoming more and more affordable it is becoming more popular as you can achieve similar results at a fraction of the cost. If you wish to have a more bespoke whitening service that possibly involves procedures like internal bleaching then you probably should visit a cosmetic dentist. Otherwise you could check out a good quality teeth whitening kit that has been proven to give you whiter and brighter teeth in the safety of your own home!