December 8, 2022

Learn the right way to brushing teeth

You are probably one of those people who have so many questions in their mind about brushing their teeth like how many times in a day one should brush their teeth, how long one should brush their teeth, and if there are some rules to follow to brush properly. First of all, please be clear that there are no set rules that tell you how to do brushing right.

A recent article in the British Dental Journal however says that most rules we have been knowing and following in brushing so far aren’t precisely correct. The article busted some myths about brushing and below is what it said about the right way to brushing teeth. Read on.

Brush ’em after your meal

You need not to brush your teeth immediately after eating. Instead you need to wait for thirty minutes right after eating and you can gently brush your teeth then after. If you brush your teeth immediately after the meal, the ph level in your mouth is very low that time and thus brushing can lead to teeth abrasion.

Making it a 1 minute job

If you are brushing your teeth for 1 minute or less in most days, you are doing it all wrong. You need to continue brushing for two minute to ensure proper cleaning is done to your teeth and mouth. And don’t keep the tap running while brushing your teeth; psychologists say it indirectly influence us to speed-up brushing and finish it faster; besides, waste of water isn’t recommended at all.

Ignoring tongue cleaning

You brush your teeth, cleanse mouth and then begin with the lined-up tasks. But you are probably missing on one integral part of brushing process – tongue cleaning. Like your teeth, your tongue too needs proper care and regular cleaning. Ignoring tongue cleaning will allow accumulation of bacteria on to it which will cause bad breathing. Tongue cleaning helps clearing food residues, bacteria, fungi and dead cells.

There is just one way to brush them

In your childhood, your mom or dad might have taught you that what the exact technique to brush your teeth is. And like many other people out there, you too have been following this advice blindly till date. But remember when it comes to right brushing technique, there is no one-size-fits-all rule. The brushing technique which may be perfect for you may be far from perfect for your lovely sister.

There won’t be hype saying there are as many techniques as there are persons. Nonetheless, you can always carry the brush handle at 45 degree angle to your gum line and make circular strokes. This will remove all plaque. Also, always choose a soft bristle toothbrush. Or you can visit your dentists to learn right brushing technique and ensure oral care method for your teeth.

Doing it a harder way

Brushing hard isn’t the recommended way to remove those stains on your teeth or it won’t fix your dental imperfections. You need be hold your toothbrush gently using two fingers and brush your teeth lightly.

No flossing!

Brushing teeth alone won’t ensure proper oral care. You also need to floss teeth regularly. Flossing teeth before brushing will make you clean the places your toothbrush bristles can’t reach.

I hope now you know the right way to brushing teeth with different oral care products!