November 30, 2022

The review of Traci’s Quip brush via the lifestyle website Poppie Lady is short but sweet and is straight to the main point. She claims that her family and she have used Quip brushes for two years. Her overall experience is very positive.

The most appealing feature of Quip is that Quip electric toothbrush is likely to be its aesthetics. In terms of style, they’re in line with the style of your iPhone as well as your Macbook. They’re very soft in vibration and soft bristles, which her dentist says is actually beneficial for brushing teeth.

A subscription or refill program isn’t a simple process and you’ll end up paying more upfront than other normal brushes.

And she also says that the toothpaste is according to her words “AWFUL “…maybe that’s why it’s actually costing $5 more to purchase a subscription that does not include the toothpaste.

“Just one brush that can do everything you require it to do.”

Sarah’s opinion is very positive. She believes she is an individual who adheres to a regular dental hygiene routine, brushing and flossing every day at least twice. However, she was always under the impression that you’d need the most expensive electric toothbrush that has every bell and whistle in order to truly clean your teeth.

This is when she came across ads for Quip. The reason is that Quip is extremely easy to use, and it’s that simplicity that makes Quip so attractive.

She also reiterates the fact that Quip brushes are only able to move with 15,000 RPM. Furthermore, the only feature it comes with is a 2-minute timer that has 30-second intervals. It’s all you really must do to wash your teeth thoroughly.

She also claims her subscription program is lovely, as she did not have the time to change her brushes nearly enough.

“Quip is the most beautiful toothbrush ever”

The Barefoot Blonde is definitely a big fan of Quip as per the blog she wrote. She has always been in good dental health and follows an effective routine of oral hygiene. However, as she used manual toothbrushes, she did not have a timer that would tell her how long to brush. She states that this feature has been beneficial in helping her master proper brushing techniques.

As a mother, she was concerned that it might be difficult to convince her children to clean their teeth however, with Quip it doesn’t seem to be an issue. Her entire family is very excited to have toothbrushes with identical designs.

The family is often on the move and one of the main advantages of Quip Quip is that it’s not large, there aren’t cords to tie, and the toothbrush holder doubles as a head cover, creating the Quip a small travel bag.

“I don’t have the confidence to recommend it, however, I can’t also tell you to not buy it.”

Some Quip impressions aren’t bright, however. Oscar In his own words is quite indifferent about the new, trendy toothbrush.

He tried Quip in a way that was not intended. He “took an oblique swipe” on Quip Quip firm on Twitter for an ad they ran that seemed slightly sloppy for his tastes. But, wouldn’t you know, Quip responded and agreed to give him the product to take for the test.

So, he and his wife also received Quip toothbrushes by mail.

What was his brief?

Oscar claims they believe that the Quip is similar to an ordinary manual toothbrush only with a larger handle. Also, it’s distinct from other electric toothbrushes due to the fact that it seems to just vibrate, not pulsating or circular motions like Sonicare as well as Oral-B. And, unlike other electric toothbrushes, however, you still need to move the quip as you would normally with a normal toothbrush.

In the end, neither he nor his wife was particularly enthusiastic about the Quip however because they had excellent dental hygiene habits and excellent dental health prior to that the Quip, they did not really feel the need to change.

Oscar admits that he could be biased because he does not like their campaign marketing. Maybe the Quip is meant to be used by people who require help in establishing the right oral hygiene habits. It’s possible that it’s not intended for those who already have a good dental hygiene routine they’re happy with.

In contrast to Traci in the very first Quip toothbrush review, unlike Traci, Oscar loved the toothpaste. To one’s own, right?

“They’re not worthy of the hype”

When you watch Sarah’s YouTube review she explains the way she used to use the Sonicare toothbrush before attempting Quip. She suggests that if you are looking for a brush that is powerful, Quip is not it.

Sarah is happy with the fact that she appreciates that it will vibrate every 30 seconds to inform you when it is time to change the quadrants of your mouth.

She believes that the cost is too high for what you get particularly when you factor into the cost of the subscription and, in the end, she was expecting too much. It is mostly used during the night and when traveling, and she’s also using her Sonicare. Her boyfriend also utilizes it with no power the same way as an electric brush, because the vibrations are so low.

The review stated she was aware that the boyfriend’s Quip was missing an AAA battery, and there was a growth of mold in the brush, and she isn’t sure if it was a defective Quip brush or if the entire brand is defective.