February 1, 2023

Now that you know the dental diseases that dogs can get, how are you going to take care of your dog’s teeth, with or without the disease? Since a dog’s teeth are prone to plaque buildup, they also get damaged unless taken care of.

One of the dental care needed to do is to bring your dog to the veterinarian since through the years, dental care has grown, but still not thoroughly yet. But, just like people, there are veterinarians that give dental care up to the point of dental implants, braces and root canals. There should also be dental exams, and as a pet owner, must maintain the good oral health care of your dog.

The dental exam contains x-rays to see if there are damages in the dog’s teeth. Then there is a periodontal probe to search for infections in gums and some problems. Most of the time, anesthesia is needed since this is a rather painful procedure. Then there is also home care where you can do dental care at home. One of them is brushing the teeth of your dog, but not overdue it. It is okay to brush it daily, but still depends on how your dog is going to react to it. For him or her to be comfortable, you can start brushing their teeth when they are just puppies so that they can easily get used to it. There are special toothbrushes for dogs that can be used and be suited on their comfort.

There are also formulated foods that can help in making your dog’s teeth better. There are dog foods that had been enhanced with oral care and some special diets in making the teeth stronger and healthier. You can also buy special chews as well; just remember a few things when taking care of your dog’s teeth:

• Even if you are at home, check your dog’s teeth once in awhile to see if there are any abnormalities in any areas. If so, go to your vet for him or her to check it up.
• Be aware of the food that you are giving to your dog. Sometimes, it is the food that causes damage to your dog’s teeth. There are some foods that give way for bacteria to reside in their teeth and attract plaque
• Avoid giving him sweet foods while they are still young as, just like kids, these can damage their teeth by getting cavities. As much as possible, if you can, force your dog to respond to tooth brushing in a good way because this will truly make the teeth clean.
• Last, but not the least, maintain a good oral health care and are responsible in taking care of your dog’s teeth; this is also a responsibility of the pet owner.

But the most important thing is to exercise extreme caution and watch out for our dog’s teeth in order to maintain a good oral health and show to your dog that you indeed care for them.