November 30, 2022

A healthy smile is a happy smile. What better way to brighten a smile than with a good set of pearly white teeth? Dentists will be quick to pronounce that darker teeth are actually stronger than those with a lighter shade. But this will not deter society’s quest for perfection as teeth whitening has become the most popular procedure in the field of cosmetic dentistry that is performed today.

Teeth whitening procedures are popular because of the quick results they give but could burn a hole in your pocket. Cosmetic procedures never come cheap and maintenance is necessary to get the desired results over time. This is the case with all teeth whitener procedures. Some patients may experience heightened sensitivity after the procedure. Your dentist would know the kind of procedure that is suited for you. Remember that the procedures may vary so it would be best to understand everything about it first before proceeding. 

A teeth whitener that is readily accessible to the general public is the advent of the whitening toothpaste. But the vast amount of products with their various claims that flood the market will confuse the buyer. Whatever the case may be, keep in mind that using a whitening toothpaste everyday is not advised and could strip teeth of valuable enamel. A typical whitening toothpaste contains a high amount of silica abrasive that polishes the tooth as you brush, hence the whitening effect. But this polishing action could prove too much for your teeth when used everyday. Using regular toothpaste alternately is advisable. The high fluoride content in regular toothpaste will protect the remaining enamel in the tooth.

A teeth whitener that remains popular is the bleaching procedure and must be done at the dentist’s office. As with the toothpaste, there are a lot of teeth whitener brands that use bleach. Different brands require different procedures and your dentist should be able to specify the right kind of product for you. Some bleaching procedures require the use of photon beams or ultraviolet light to enhance the whitening procedure but this is not the case for some. In fact, a study conducted among teeth whitener procedures have proven that the use of such lights does not produce whiter teeth than those with just plain bleach.

The never ending quest for beauty has dictated that society must have whiter teeth to enhance physical appearance. And why not? Physical attraction is enhanced by a set of whiter teeth and plays a crucial part to make you look younger. Having a whiter set of teeth does make a person look good and is an indication of a rather healthy individual.

Whatever method of teeth whitener you choose, remember that daily maintenance is needed to preserve the whitening effect.