January 31, 2023

Expensive dental visits and store bought products have not been the only solution to teeth whitening. People in the past used homemade teeth whitening products to keep their teeth white because they felt white teeth meant healthy teeth. Using your local library, bookstore or even the internet can give you a wealth of information in this area.

Store bought whiteners and home remedies have one thing in common, you use them the same way! Simple ingredients that can be purchased at the store make up these whiteners, but you do need to take care when processing and using them. No special tools will be required, in fact there may be someone products you don’t even need your toothbrush.

You would be surprised to find out that you may have everything you need in your kitchen cabinets. While the most basic recipe could be baking soda and peroxide (good old standard brown bottle sold in most stores), ingredients can vary to include salt, lemons or peppermint oil. Some ingredients that you may not heard of, also used in these whiteners include: prickly ash bark, goldenseal powder even Echinacea. How much or how little you use is to your own liking depending on what you want in your home, and in your mouth.

Toothpaste and commercial products may not be as safe as some home made remedies. It is a safe idea to mix only what you need for a short amount of time since you will not be using any type of artificial preservatives. A larger batch for multi-person use would probably be safest if used in a 3-4 day period.

Travel containers can be purchased so you can use your home made product on the road, at work or anywhere you go. Liquids are especially handy since they will give you clean fresh breath. After you eat is the most common time for a bacteria/tarter environment to attempt to take over your mouth, carry travel sizes for these situations and stop tooth dullness in its tracks. Print a sticker or tape a paper label so you swish with teeth whitener as opposed to lotion or something else you may be carrying!

Some of the advantages of your own teeth whitening solution are:

Not as expensive as store bought products.

More ecologically friendly then commercially manufactured products.

You know your ingredients, and can pronounce them, no chance of some strange chemical going into your mouth.

Saving money is a big incentive for making home made products, as well as other benefits. You will be surprised at the money you save making your own teeth whitener. If you were to purchase whitener, or go to the dentist it would cost you from $50 to $500, and that’s just a small estimate. A health benefit from using fewer chemicals in your body is a nice side effect.

Allergies are another thing to take into consideration when choosing homemade teeth whitening products. With so many different recipes you are bound to find the right choice for your personal needs. The manifold benefits; saving money, creating your own item and a nice white smile!