January 31, 2023

Whiten Your Teeth With Different Methods

You have seen them on the TV, you have seen them in the magazines and the movies. These are the people with the unbelievably white teeth. How can they have teeth so white you might quiz yourself. It can’t be because they are cleaning their teeth 3 times a day, 15 minutes a time. I think that would send anyone nuts. No, they have had professional teeth whitening or have used a product or service that whitens your teeth and makes them pearly white. But what can we do as the average person? What options are available. Options that will suit everyone’s budget.

There have been a variety of ways to whiten your teeth.. Using the services of a dentist at their practice, taking home a teeth whitening kit or using products from pharmacies was the the only option.Now there is a third teeth whitening method: Teeth Whiten Tips, which uses premeasured amounts of whitening solution inside hollow swabs. We’ll look at the three methods individually.

Dentist Office Teeth Whitening Products

If you can’t wait and you have serious stains on your teeth, possible from coffee and cigarettes, using the services of a dentist is a quick and effective option. They have access to all of the most powerful pruducts and will have your teeth whitened in a very short period of time. Hydrogen Peroxiede is used in a specific solution. Another procedure using a wave length light or laser shine might be used before your rinse. This process may need to be repeated.

There are two main draw backs. Increased sensitivity of your teeth and the excessive cost attached to using a dentist. All up this procedure could cost up to $1000, which is quite expensive just to whiten your teeth.

Over the Counter Bleaching Kits

These kits that you purchase at a drug store or discount store will cost $20 to $40. They still contain hydrogen peroxide but in much lower doses. They contain the kits and strips that you can apply at home. They have strips that dissolve so there is no need to worry application time and how long you should have them on there. While the results are not as dramatic as those from in-office bleaching, they may be adequate for someone with only mildly stained teeth.

Teeth Whiten Tips for Teeth Whitening Products

There is a teeth whitening system that works differently from dentist office whitening and over-the-counter whitening systems. With Teeth Whiten Tips, you get a six-day supply of applicator swabs filled with a solution of glycerin, peppermint flavoring, water, methylparaben and propylparaben. To use them, you break the seal off the end of the swab, which discharges the solution, then dip the tip of the swab into the little jar of powder that comes with it.

The powder contains magnesium peroxide, which couples with the liquid from the swab to form a substance that discharges oxygen and lifts stains off teeth. Additionally, the powder contains aluminum trihydroxide, which polishes teeth.

One swab will be sufficient for your upper teeth, and one for your lower teeth. You throw the swabs away when you are done. It is a very easy process.

For more information on teeth whitening products, tips and tricks, head over to www.bestteethwhiteningproduct.net.