January 31, 2023

You can be a beautiful person, but if you don’t have a beautiful smile, people will notice.

That’s why so many people today have resorted to teeth whitening bleaching. It’s a relatively safe procedure that yields confidence and a better looking you.

But what teeth bleaching methods are the best?

Read on for teeth whitening reviews, best ways to whiten your teeth, and what to expect when you go talk to your dentist.

Dental Whitening Reviews
If you decide to go to the dentist to have your pearly whites turned…well pearly white, here’s what to expect.

The dentist can whiten your teeth in one of two ways.

1. Trays & Gel

This involves the dentist making a mold of your mouth and then crafting little plastic trays that fit snugly over your top and bottom teeth. You’ll often go for your first appointment where they’ll put the mold in your mouth, then come back a week later to pick up the trays.

This teeth whitening bleaching system usually takes about 2 months to finish and requires you to purchase a teeth bleaching gel. You’ll fill the trays with the gel and then wear them for 2 hours 1-2 times a day for the next 8 weeks.

Teeth whitening is gradual, but the effects are noticeable if you stick with the routine and avoid foods and drinks that can further stain your teeth.

It can be painful. The bleach gel can make your teeth much more sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks. It can also be annoying since you won’t be able to eat or drink anything besides water while the trays are in.

2. Laser

Most dentists also offer laser teeth whitening bleaching, also called Zoom whitening. This is an in and out procedure that gives you immediate results.

Although the results are immediate, the cost is 2-3 times that of classic teeth whitening bleaching with the trays and gel.

It can be a very painful experience if you have sensitive teeth. Basically the dentist covers your teeth with a peroxide-based gel. He will then pass a light over the teeth which reacts with the gel and causes the organic compound of your tooth to turn white.

Now keep in mind, there are other ways you can bleach your teeth at home that are just as effective and avoid costly dentist fees.

Taking the step to whiten my teeth was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It helped my fiance notice me and has boosted my confidence many times over.

I hope this article on teeth whitening reviews–best teeth whitening bleaching system urges you to make a better you.