November 30, 2022

While going in for a session of teeth whitening isn’t going to do anything for your oral health, there are a number of benefits to making a positive cosmetic change. Even psychologists leery of letting patients put too much emphasis on superficial matters are inclined to agree that making such changes can sometimes be the key that unlocks happiness where none can be found elsewhere. Simply put, we place a great deal of importance on physical appearances. If we didn’t, plastic surgeons, makeup companies, and hair salons would be out of business. It’s nothing to be ashamed of; it’s part of being human. Here are some of the benefits of seeing your cosmetic dentist for a brighter smile.

People Judge You by Your Smile

Whether they are willing to admit it or not, everyone you meet is judging you by your appearance. One of the first things they’ll notice is your smile. Perhaps it’s because we think your smile says so much about you. Whether it does or not is a matter of some debate, but there is certainly that impression. Meeting someone for the first time is all about impressions. People associate yellow, dingy teeth with smoking and poor hygiene. Truth be told, the color of your enamel has very little to do with your oral health. But, much like tanning, we associate pearly whites with health and wealth. Teeth whitening is a relatively cheap shortcut to making a great impression.

Improved Confidence

Anytime you make a positive cosmetic change, it should make you feel better about yourself. Even if not a single person ever says one thing about the change, you will feel increased confidence. You will begin to perceive people treating you differently, even if they objectively do not. It’s the new car phenomenon. Ever notice how people seem to mention your car when you first get it? Even people you’ve never met before? It probably has as much to do with how you carry yourself around it as it does the actual newness of the vehicle. The same phenomenon occurs with teeth whitening. You’ll start smiling more often, perhaps stand up a bit straighter, and you’ll be more confident in general.

No Health Risks

Finally, there’s good reason to spend a moment talking about the proliferation of teeth whitening products on the market and why you should eschew them in favor of a cosmetic dentist. While most of these products are relatively safe, they are easy to misuse. Plenty of dentists have dealt with patients who come in with extreme gum sensitivity due to leaving this strip or that kit on too long. Don’t take chances. Go to a professional and get it done right.