February 1, 2023

Everybody wants to have a fantastic, pearly, shiny, white smile nowadays! The commercials and advertisements for teeth whitening products have completely saturated the media in the last few years. There’s not one actor on the screen, not one model in the magazines that hasn’t had his or her teeth whitened. Point me one celebrity who hasn’t had the treatment and I’ll give you a nickel!

Our teeth largely determine how we look. Unfortunately, over the years our teeth become darker and stained. The darkening is caused by mineral changes that occur inside of tooth enamel naturally as we age. The stains are caused by the prolonged usage of such things as cigarettes, tea, wine, coffee and soda drinks.

Scientific studies have shown that people with a lovely white smile are more self confident about themselves and they have higher self esteem. Whitening your teeth has become pretty easy and affordable as of late. It used to be a really expensive procedure that didn’t always deliver the results. But these days, just about everybody can whiten his or her teeth for a price of no higher than a few hundred dollars.

Best Tooth Whiteners

So let’s say you’re completely fed up with your ugly, dark, stained, yellow teeth. Now you want to find out which products are the best tooth whiteners so you won’t have to spend weeks of your time and a small fortune on finding the product that works.

Personally, I’ve found that by far the best ones are the whitening kits that are based on some hydrogen peroxide gel. You can apply this gel to your teeth and keep it there using either strips or trays. It depends on the whitening kit whether you will get strips or trays. It varies from one product to the next.

Hydrogen peroxide is widely used as an effective teeth whitener and it will no doubt give you results. You have to be careful to use it responsibly, because you can also damage your teeth with it irreversibly. Under normal circumstances, however, you will probably see real results after about a week of using an over the counter whitening kit for at home usage. Just make sure you follow the instructions to decrease the chances of something going wrong.

It doesn’t really matter much which whitening kit you end up using. The most important is that it has a seal of approval from the American Dental Association. This guarantees that you have bought a product that’s been proven to be safe and that gives you results when used correctly.