February 1, 2023

Our immune system is responsible in regulating the activity of all the microorganisms that are included in the natural flora of the body. In the case of natural body yeast or fungi, the immune system keeps them under control, keeping them from replicating too rapidly and causing infection. Candida is one of the most common forms of fungi that are found present in the body. It also causes the most uncomfortable and chronic form of fungal infection, which can develop right around the dentures and tongue, under the breast, vagina and lower abdomen, penis, nail beds and beneath the skin folds. Once the immune system weakens, an overgrowth of yeast may occur on these parts of the body. With that, getting immediate yeast infection treatment is important to regaining control over natural fungal activities.

There are several types of yeast infection. There are superficial types that can appear in any body and can easily be cured. There are also types that are life-threatening, which usually appears on patients AIDS, cancer and on transplant patients. It can also happen among kids, children between ages 3 and 9 are the most common victims. When men can go through life without knowing that they have contracted these infections, over 70 % of the women population in the world are bound to suffer at least one type of yeast infection in their lifetime. The different types of candida overgrowth (as they are also known) call for different types of treatment options. But while over-the-counter drugs and creams are conveniently sold to remedy the condition, it is still safer and more practical to go for the natural cures for yeast infection.

Just like in other diseases, the key to managing yeast infection is by prevention. Taking certain precautions can lessen your chances of suffering this condition. Avoid wearing any clothing or underwear made from synthetic material, leotards and pantyhose, tight fitting panties, tight jeans every day and wet clothes. Instead, favor those that are made from natural fibers, well fitting cottons. Also, avoid using or applying antibacterial sprays, perfume and deodorants over the genital area.

Instead of lining up to the nearest pharmacy store, why not check your kitchen for some natural cures for yeast infection. These simple items are proven effective and safe in treating the simplest to the most chronic form of yeast infection. In addition, you can try some of these homemade remedies without the need to visit your gynecologist. For instance, tea tree oil is known for its antifungal properties. You can put a few drops of its diluted mixture on a tampon and use it as a morning and evening suppository remedy. Applying homemade garlic paste on the affected skin can help gradually improve the infection. Soaking in a tub with vinegar solution, like a cup of apple cider vinegar in a half filled tub, is good for relieving vaginal infection. Also, drinking 2 glasses of buttermilk a day can help regain your body’s control over these infectious organisms.

Aside from the cost, people who are suffering from these infections usually turn to the natural cures because they are impressed of their efficacy. With over-the-counter drugs, it is commonly observed to be effective at first, but their relief is usually short-lived. In addition, with prolonged use of these drugs, the infection seems to become recurrent. One thing about yeast moniliasis is that once they come back, they are back with a vengeance.