November 26, 2022

So you realized that your bad breath is linked to Tonsolliloths. Trying to get rid of bad breath can be tough on its own. When you add in a problem like tonsil stones it may seem impossible. Here is a little info on how to safely clean of tonsilloliths and get rid of bad breath for ever.

Tonsilloliths or”tonsil stones are small white or yellow chunks of foul smelling matter that generally is coughed up and spat out or, sometimes, swallowed. If you have ever had bad breath, chances are that these little chunks are the cause of, or at the very least adding to, your bad breath. If you are like most people you keep this fact to yourself and try to brush your teeth, and be honest, maybe even tried to brush the back of your throat. No matter what you do, though, the bad breath seems to persist and the chunks keep popping into your throat.

There are a lot of different ways to treat tonsil stones. I am sure that a doctor can tell you of a very expensive and very painful surgery or procedure that they would be more than happy to charge you for. If you’re like most people you don’t have the money for the deductible from the insurance, or even insurance itself, to pay for it. Well don’t worry too badly about it. there are other ways to deal with these two problems.

I know that bad breath is embarrassing. It seems to do more damage to your ego after you go through life trying everything on the market to clean your teeth and mouth. Can you think how many little boxes of mints you go through in a day to cover it up. Carrying around breath spray or even mouth wash. Even brushing after lunch will more than likely be history when you get these problems fixed.

The best things you can do are eating foods that don’t contribute to tonsil stones and cleaning your mouth in such as a way that they get cleaned away. There are tools on the market that are inexpensive and a lot less invasive than the tonsillectomy your doctor had planned. I’m sure you have probably stopped eating garlic and other “stinky” foods. Imagine, not having to chew mints all day long or not having to spit those little chunks out or even worse swallowing them.

Those little chunks that you are spitting out are actually chunks of bacteria and food that get caught in the recesses of you tonsils. Tonsils have a porous shape and capture little bits of food and fluid that you eat and sallow. These tonsil stones then break loose and come out the mouth to be spat or even swallowed down accidentally. Bad breath is bacteria in the mouth that causes a medial condition called Halitosis. Bad breath and tonsilloliths can both be treated easily and very cost effectively if you know how to do it.

You can always go to the doctors office, have your tonsils taken out, be in pain, and solve the problem. Then thousands of dollars later, after the pain and discomfort have subsided, you get relief, Or you can change your diet, clean your throat with the right tools, and enjoy the rest of your life with considerably less bad breath and little to no little yellow tonsil stones. I hope this helped you understand you options and decide between surgery or safely cleaning tonsilloliths and getting rid of bad breath easily and with less pain and discomfort.