January 31, 2023

Customized tooth whitening trays are the best as they fit exactly on the teeth of dental patient. The custom trays are made by the dentists after taking the impression of the teeth. Even though it takes some days for the dentists to make the mold, this method is very effective and fits exactly to the teeth.

Why should we not use non-customized tooth whitening trays?

There are many downsides to using non-customized teeth whitening trays. First thing is it will not fit to the teeth properly. When the mold is loose or not properly fitted to the teeth then there is possibility of swallowing the bleach which cause harm to the soft tissues of the mouth. The one other discomfort with the non-customized tooth whitening trays is that since they do not fit properly, you may find difficulty while you speak.

How to use customized tooth whitening trays for better and quicker results?

First it is always advisable to follow the instructions of the dentist. Take the correct dosage of the bleach as advised by your dentist. Taking less or more may not give the expected result. Some people without the knowledge of the side effects of the bleach take more to get instant results. For such people I warn them that bleach should be placed in the whitening tray and only in the amount as advised by the doctor.

It is also compulsory to visit the dentist frequently informing them of the results and side effects, if any. It is good to wear a teeth whitening tray during the night time on account of the fact that when you lie down the bleach will enter the tooth to remove the stain completely.

Frequent, periodic visits to your dentist is required to monitor the development in your teeth after fixing the tooth whitening trays, to ensure the bleach only penetrates into the tooth and not to the gums. The bleach may injure the gum and hence to avoid such incidents visit dentist frequently. Since bleach is a strong chemical, handle the tooth whitening tray with care and avoid swallowing it even in small doses. Also pregnant women, lactating mothers and children below 13 years of age are not supposed to use the bleach.

Tooth whitening trays are easy to use and can offer up a dramatic whitening time saving. You should not be concerned about side effects if you follow the instructions of the dentist carefully. Since laser treatment is the costliest method of tooth whitening, people prefer teeth whitening trays as they are cheap and effective.