February 1, 2023

Discount dental and medical programs are becoming better known each day. Mainly due to the five reasons we’ve listed below. When these plans first hit the market, consumers were expectantly leery of them because, as Americans, we’re trained to think in “insurance” terms. We couldn’t wrap our minds around “discount” plans. The more we learned about them the more attractive they began to look. Especially if…

1. You can’t qualify for traditional dental or health insurance.

This one should be a given but you’d be amazed how many of us refuse to come to reality and admit we can’t qualify for coverage. We apply to company after company and either get declined or offered a policy with so many exclusions we may as well not be covered anyway.

2. Acceptance is guaranteed.

One of the beauties of discount dental and medical plans is everyone gets accepted. The companies administering the plans are usually not health organizations therefore they do not offer health insurance policies. Simply discounts on dental and/or medical services.

3. You can’t afford traditional dental or health insurance.

Here’s another personal shortcoming that we must own up to. If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. Don’t go without assistance because you’re trying to hold out for the “real deal”. Traditional insurance plans are expensive and premiums are increasing by 20% each year.

4. Something is better than nothing.

Today more and more people are losing their health insurance because they simply can’t pay the premiums any longer. If you have a fairly healthy family, at very least you should have a medical discount card in your wallet or purse. You’ll only use it when you need it. The plan will include your entire household for a fraction of the cost of a traditional plan and when you do need it you’ll get your services at a discounted rate. Win-win.

5. No waiting period

Most discount dental and medical plan organizations will allow you to use your benefit cards within 2-3 days from the day you sign up. This means if you have a procedure that you needed done yesterday you can easily have it done the day after tomorrow at a discounted rate. That’s winning.

Times are changing. Traditional health insurance companies are pricing their plans so they will soon be out of reach for the average American family while Discount Medical Program Organizations are getting better by the minute. Adding more benefits, features and often times delivering unbelievable discounts to the 40 million uninsured Americans at a fraction of the cost of their “insurance counterparts. They are worth looking into.