January 31, 2023

If you want to locate jobs that pay 100k or more and send in your application right away, then you are surely at the final halt of your arduous journey! We know that work which, pay 100k is no mean feat. Therefore we have taken every pain to list down for your benefit all 100k employment opportunities. Just take a look through our list of top ten jobs that pay 100k and start working on your resume right away:


Just as surgery without the surgeon is not possible, similarly in the present age of complex operation surgery with a good understanding and knowledge about the working of robots too is impossible! How is it so? Simple- all the surgeries and operations are complicated and require detailed and precise incisions to be made and this can be best done by robots, manned by expert surgeons. So when I say that our surgeons are earning a mammoth $200,000 on an average, know that they are being paid for their in depth knowledge about the latest technology.


Anesthesiologists are the physicians who are responsible for ensuring a pain less operation for they are the ones who numb our sensations prior to any incisional cuts being made on the body. So don’t be surprised to know that anesthesiologists on an average earn a neat sum of $195,000 on an average every year.


Orthodontists are required to have a specialized knowledge about the alignment of teeth and jaws. Consequently people are referred to them for special treatment. No wonder their job profile is fancier than that of dentists- though the area of work of the two is somewhat similar. It is of little surprise that orthodontists earn around $193,000 on an average.

4.Obstetrician and Gynecologists

These doctors, who specialize in treating pregnant women and offering them healthcare services, earn a mammoth amount annually. Their average annual draw is $192,000.


Physicians are not doctors; rather they have an amazing grasp over the field of medicines. They tend to be striking scholars and on an average their annual income hits the $165,000 mark.


Chief Executive Officers or CEOs are charged with the responsibility of running almost a whole company. They need to have outstanding analytical skills and an excellent stock of knowledge about the various aspect of their company. Their annual income on an average is $160,000.


Dentists do earn a lot. Though the degree earned by dentists and doctors are completely different, and doctors specializing in certain fields tend to have a higher income, under no circumstances are the dentists to be left behind. Not only do they command a place of great respect and prestige in the society, they earn around $155,000 per annum.


Stress induces mental instability and psychological problems and this necessitates the need for good psychiatrists. Thus they earn around $154,000 per year on an average.


Children specialist doctors or Pediatricians earn a lump sum amount every year and why won’t they when we try to get an appointment with the best ones in the city for our own wards despite how exorbitant their fees may be! It is of little surprise thus, when I say these people earn between $150,000- 153,300 annually.

10.Engineering Managers

The most definitely deserve to earn their $120,000 annually for they are the ones who have given us the intelligently engineered beautiful pieces of architecture. From buildings to bridges to roads- they have planned it all and made their dream come true in reality.

Post this information, 100k jobs will not seem like a rare opportunity anymore!