January 31, 2023

Whether you are a veterinarian or a pet groomer the following ideas could prove very beneficial not only for the health of the animals for which you care, but also for your bottom line business profits. There are several categories, so let us touch on each:

1. Pet Preventive Dental Health. Veterinarians are keenly aware of the importance for the need for good pet oral care. Pet teeth cleaning is a regular part of virtually all veterinary practices. But, how many veterinarians and groomers emphasize preventive oral care and provide the tools and products that offer a solution to the problem. Dental disease continues to be a leading health concern in both dogs and cats over the age of two. Many pets lose a number of their teeth by age 10 and develop other diseases related to bacterial infections caused by poor oral health. You may already be recommending and offering special diets and premium pet food, but have you considered taking it a step further? Do you also include products that can be added to a pet’s drinking water to control pet bad breath? The right product will not only stop halitosis, but also control the bacteria that causes this disease. If a pet owner is willing to rub or brush a special oral gel weekly, there are added benefits. Realistically, most pet owners will not take the time and effort to perform this potentially awkward procedure. The ease of use of a pet oral hygiene solution is normally a more practical approach. Your clients would prefer to purchase these products from you.

2. Pet Odor. Pets, especially dogs, are like magnets for attracting sometimes very unpleasant aromas. As a professional, you have solutions to use in the office setting to keep things sterile and pleasant smelling, but what about something your client can use at home? A home care solution or spray that does not merely cover up, but eliminates odors at the source is a welcome find for pet owners. Pet odors can also be indicative of a more specific problem. What if that strange odor is coming from the pet’s ears? Dirt and wax buildup in the outer ear and ear canal might be the problem. A remedy to use at home should be able to gently loosen the wax and both sooth and deodorize. Likewise, for general pet bathing an optimal product would be one that contains no harsh chemicals, but is able to condition and deodorize the pet’s coat. When you assist your clients to help their pets look, smell, and even hear better, you will have excellent client loyalty and most likely some referrals.

3. Other Speciality Products. There are a myriad of other products available that can give your practice that added edge and make you stand out from the competition. In addition to premium pet food, offer special nutrition products. Excellent pet antioxidant formulas are available which can produce revitalized energy and help protect from free radicals. There are natural supplements to aid with joint function and mobility. And when that pet is stressed out, you can even offer all natural pet relaxants.

You can be a source of information about all these additional products the pet owner could use. You will make your client happier with more complete advice and service and you will be happier with the added profits to your practice.