January 31, 2023

In recent years shortages of staff in the nursing profession has almost become the accepted norm. Even major hospitals and healthcare organisations are finding it increasingly challenging to get suitably qualified and experienced staff, especially for the more specialist posts that become available. Its sadly the case that a substantial amount of time and resources are now being devoted by these organisations in order to just keep staff posts filled. Thats why an increasing number of healthcare providers and major hospitals are turning to a nursing agency in order to off load this burden of work.

A Nursing Agency, or Nurses Registry as it is sometimes also refereed to, is a specialist form of recruitment agency which deals exclusively in sourcing and providing staff to the healthcare sector. The nurses provided are normally engaged by the nursing agency on a temporary basis and they make are then placed into positions that match their background, skill set and availability. Mostly, they are placed in hospitals but they can also be employed by care homes, dental practices or indeed anywhere that has a staff shortage that they are able to provide the appropriate cover for. Occasionally, the nursing agency may also be approached by an individual who requires home care; something that most agencies are quite happy to attend to. A nursing agency must be regulated by an appropriate body, in England this is the Commission For Social Care Inspection.

If you are a prospective employer, such as a healthcare authority or private hospital, then you should consider using a nursing agency to source staff as they usually have access to a large selection of well qualified and experienced nursing staff who are available at short notice. Because the agency maintains regular contact with their candidates, the time to filling a post is dramatically reduced compared to having to interview and select candidates yourself. The best agencies are all fully accredited and insured so there should be no issues arising from claims of negligence or inappropriate behaviour.

If you are a nurse looking for work, then a nursing agency can obviously provide you with a large selection of available posts, and advise you n which ones are most suitable for you. Many nursing agencies also secure higher rates for their candidates that they could get by working for the healthcare provider directly.

So, whether you are a healthcare provider who is struggling to fill vacant posts, or if you are a nurse looking for short or even long term work, then your first stop really should be a nursing agency for convenience, efficiency and peace of mind.