November 30, 2022

Do you have a problem with missing teeth? Tooth loss is often caused by an injury, periodontal disease, and the likes. With this problem, smiling somehow becomes a tedious task for everyone. The confidence level also plummets thereby causing emotional stress for fear of rejection or being laughed at. With this concern comes dental implant as the process which could save you from all the anxieties that concern your socialization skills and self-esteem issues.

What are the discomforts that you have when you lose your tooth?

Apart from the fact that you rarely flash your smile on anybody, losing a tooth could make you sensitive to the food that you take in. You also find it difficult to chew on your food and find eating less appealing. Similarly, it affects the way you speak. Now the good news is that you could submit yourself to dental implants!

Why get a dental implant?

The dental implant is a kind of artificial tooth root which is embedded into the jaw which serves to hold a bridge or a replacement tooth. This then comes as an available option for the individuals who possess a perfect oral health condition. As compared to the typical bridgework, dental implants are much more tooth-saving. It is due to the reason that they don’t have to engage the rest of the teeth within the arch for support.

Nevertheless, the dental implants give you a feeling of comfort while at the same time it makes your teeth look natural. You could even forget about the exact piece of tooth that you have lost. You could regain your confidence, flash your trademark killer smile, eat and speak again with utmost confidence and convenience, and overall, just be your old self once again!

What could you get out of dental implants?

The procedure is sure to replace the tooth or teeth that you have lost due to an injury or a disease. It doesn’t affect the rest of the teeth in the same arch. It is also more convenient since it supports a bridge and does away with the necessity to take away any fractional denture. More so, it caters to securing the hold of a denture.

What are the kinds of dental implants which are available these days?

There are two general types which are administered in these days. They are the following:

Endosteal. This is done in the bone and the most adhered to. Cylinders, screws, or the blades may be placed in the jawbone through a surgical procedure. Each of the implants encloses one or more pieces of prosthetic teeth. If you have removable dentures or bridges, you could opt for this type.

Subperiosteal. This is done on the bone. A metal framework that protrudes right through the gum is placed on the topmost part of the jaw. This type of dental implant is best for the patients with a nominal bone height and typical dentures.

More than ever, dental implants are reliable that they could last for a long time; they are esthetic, tooth-saving, and convenient. This is so far the best way to replace your missing teeth.