January 31, 2023

Pearly white teeth are a big asset but they are also the most difficult to achieve and maintain. Now, if stained teeth are your dilemma, you can pay a visit to the dentist and go under syringes and continued tooth bleaching treatments that whiten teeth. This option is indeed effective but in the long run, it may take a toll on your finances. You also have an option to try teeth whitening home remedies that come in every shape and form. The problem with these is that most of them provide quick but only temporary solutions. Home remedies for teeth whitening are convenient to use but most of the time, they are used merely for cover up. But if you really want to whiten your teeth, you can pay attention to a new product being launched. It is called White Ice which comes in a convenient stick and promises to whiten teeth permanently with continued and regular use. What even better is that there is a White Ice Teeth Whitening free trial being offered. If you are in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, you can definitely sign up.

White Ice teeth whitener kits features the ingenuity of science called microencapsulation. The White Ice lip balm like stick contains real hydrogen peroxide that works to make the teeth white upon contact with the mouth’s natural moisture and heat. The stick is in a waxy state that keeps the hydrogen peroxide bubbles onto the teeth until it has fulfilled what it is supposed to do. Now, if it is your first encounter with hydrogen peroxide, there is no need to worry. It is no cause for alarm. Clinical tests have proven that it is perfectly safe in the tooth enamel and it is widely used in teeth whitening products.

The whitening mixture can stay on the teeth for about ten minutes or longer and can be easily removed or rinsed off by the saliva. It is advised that there is no eating, drinking or brushing the tongue on the surface of your teeth right after application. To be effective, the teeth whitener should stay on for at least ten minutes. Aside from the promise of a brighter and whiter smile, this teeth whitener product on a stick also works as a breath freshener. Apparently, when it is applied on your teeth, you can feel a fresh and minty taste on the mouth.

What is even better is that, the product is made available so you can test it for yourself. You can enlist yourself on the White Ice Teeth Whitening free trial that is made available all over the Internet. You will be entitled a fourteen days free trial so you can rely on first hand experience to prove the effectiveness of the product.

Where can I get Ice White free trials samples online to whiten my teeth at home?

If you are still looking for the best tooth bleaching products that works and want to give this product a trial, finding it online is not a hard deal at all. All you need to do is log online and you can Google search free trials White Ice kits. You will find several links and reviews that will lead you to this White Ice Teeth Whitening free trial. And your goal to whiter teeth could be a click away. So, do not let the opportunity pass. After all, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain, including a brighter, whiter smile!