February 1, 2023

I recently went looking for a dentist in London, not a particularly hard undertaking since there are so many to choose from, but on this particular occasion I was looking for a dentist to carry out teeth whitening. London is full of adverts and posters showing pictures of people smiling in a way which would normally result in you being arrested or locked in a padded room, and all of them have teeth which seem to be almost insanely white. Comparing these white smiles to my own teeth, which I didn’t previously think were in too bad shape, I realised that my teeth could probably do with a helping hand.

I already knew that when it comes to cosmetic treatments for teeth London is the place to be, because not only are some of the country’s leading dentists and dental surgeries based in London, but often many of the dental treatments being pioneered for the first time reach London ahead of anywhere else in the country. I decided therefore but it was a good idea to find a dentist in London able to offer whitening to someone whose teeth are about as white as the average bit of toast.

However, something rather interesting happened, and although I have now had my teeth whitening treatment, that wasn’t all I had. I did briefly consider the idea of using one of those home kits or DIY kits for teeth whitening, but decided that rather than trying to disguise any potential problems with my teeth or gums, letting a dentist carry out the whitening process would at least mean that if there was anything seriously amiss, it wasn’t just going to be painted over.

After choosing which dentist in London I was going to visit, I made an appointment and headed over to have my teeth examined prior to undergoing any teeth whitening. London-based dentists may offer teeth whitening to a huge number of people, but they don’t just carry it out without first examining your teeth and making sure that it’s the right option for you. In fact if there is anything seriously wrong with your teeth, having teeth whitening carried out could cause more harm than good.

Although the dentist didn’t identify anything wrong with my teeth, she did point out that one of my teeth at the front was a seriously deeper shade of brown than any of the others. Whitening on its own would do little to cover that up, and so we settled on having a veneer on that one, and teeth whitening bringing all of the other teeth up to the same white standard. If I had carried out teeth whitening at home, then it certainly wouldn’t have worked, which is why it really is best if you’re considering having your teeth brightened up visit a dentist in London, or wherever you happen to be, and get an expert opinion.