February 1, 2023

The following is purely an opinion of a general cosmetic dentist practicing in Spokane, WA. The opinion is not based on research, but on my experience as a dentist and, thus, would be considered anecdotal evidence. The following is not to be taken as personal treatment recommendations. To make a treatment recommendation, I would need to personally see you in my office.

Zoom teeth whitening can lighten your teeth a number of shades in a very short time period. Treatment involves gently retracting your lips with plastic retractors, applying a gel on your teeth, shining a light in your mouth for approximately 45 minutes (three 15 minute sessions), and then rinsing out your mouth and teeth.

The effects of a Zoom whitening can be noticed immediately. Teeth can be lightened several shades. There are potential drawbacks though.

In my experience, a couple weeks after Zoom whitening treatment, teeth noticeably begin to return to their original shades.

Also, some patients experience increased sensitivity to cold, hot and air on their teeth after receiving Zoom tooth whitening treatment. Though, this sensitivity is not exclusive to Zoom. All, bleaching products can potentially result in increased tooth sensitivity.

To maintain a whiter shade of your teeth, regular bleaching treatments need to be utilized. There are many bleaching products out there. Crest’s top of line bleaching product, does a decent job for an over-the-counter bleaching product. I have seen many such product on shelves here in Spokane.

Your dentist will carry the most effective bleaching products. There are multiple concentrations (strengths) of bleaching products, usually between 10 and 33% concentration. The higher the concentration, the quicker the results, but also, the higher the likelihood of post-bleaching sensitivity. A concentration of middling strength, around 23%, may be a good product for the general population at this time.

Your dentist may make you custom trays for your teeth and then supply the bleaching product as well. I have read a few research articles on the subject, and 1 hour treatment times, seem to offer a good balance between quick results and a less development of post-treatment sensitivity.

In summary, Zoom whitening seems to be an excellent product for fast results with limited sensitivity. So, if you have a wedding pictures in a few days, or a high school reunion, Zoom whitening may an excellent treatment for you. If you are looking for a long-term, lasting results, you may want to look into Crest’s top of the line whitening product, or see your dentist.